March 17, 2020

CJK Group Statement Concerning COVID-19 (coronavirus)

Brainerd, MN—CJK Group is committed to protecting our employees and responding to updates from Federal, State, and Local officials. We have consulted multiple organizations and experts to ensure we are developing recommended procedures and communications policies with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. First and most importantly, we are maintaining a vigilant watch on the situation as it spreads across the U.S. and in other countries, and are taking the appropriate actions to continue providing our employees with a safe and healthy working environment. We have made the decision to cancel non-essential travel for our team members, to limit in-person meetings to small groups where adequate distance between people can be maintained, and we have allowed remote working when possible.

The spread of COVID-19 has not yet impacted our production facilities, workforce, supply chain, or logistics. We have taken steps to monitor the situation at each of our locations and continue to educate our workforce by directly communicating prevention measures to our employees and posting updates from the CDC, the World Health Organization, and other regulatory agencies related to the COVID-19 outbreak. In the event that any one of our sites is impacted by COVID-19, we will take advantage of the full breadth of CJK Group’s print facilities across the U.S. to ensure that all client production expectations are met. Our manufacturing platform includes redundant print and bindery capacity. The teams across the country meet virtually on a daily basis to review load planning, capacity bottlenecks, and specific delivery requirements at each facility.

With regard to our content services and online hosting business, we have been preparing for the possibility of 100% of the Sheridan Journal Services and Sheridan PubFactory operations to move to full telecommuting and operate as virtual businesses. Subsequently, based on announcements last week regarding a state of emergency for both Vermont and Massachusetts, recommendations from local government for businesses to work remotely if possible, and our desire to protect the health of our employees, both business units will operate with 100% of our employees working from home as of March 17th. We are also working closely with our business partners in the U.S. and overseas to provide similar remote working environments for some or all of their staff in order to ensure there will be no disruption to the delivery of publications across the organizations.

Due to the scale and scope of this pandemic, our focus remains on the health and safety of our employees. It is important to note that CJK Group has a national manufacturing footprint to facilitate continued production of its print products in a situation such as this and can leverage the virtual business capabilities of its content divisions to further ensure the ongoing delivery of digital products and services. We remain committed to providing the superior service and support that our customers have come to expect of our companies throughout this situation.

As more information becomes available our plans may change. However, please know that our governing principles are protecting the health and safety of our employees and their loved ones, in addition to maintaining the continuity of the business.


February 18, 2020

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics celebrates its 100th anniversary and launches a new publications platform with Sheridan PubFactory

Hanover, PA—National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) reaches a major milestone in turning 100 and achieves a strategic goal of bringing all of their books and journals onto a single, integrated online reading platform.

NCTM is the world's largest mathematics education organization, with 60,000+ members and more than 230 affiliates throughout the United States and Canada. NCTM advocates for high-quality mathematics teaching and learning for students. 

Eleanore Tapscott, Director of Publications for NCTM said: “Launching our publications on PubFactory is an important indicator of the achievements to come as we usher in our 100th year of serving mathematics students and educators globally. Our new platform allows us to actively engage with our community and further progress mathematics education across geographical, social, and economic boundaries. The Sheridan PubFactory team supported NCTM in true partner form as we made critical, long term decisions on how best to integrate across our books and journals while also differentiating by content type and guiding users in their learning journeys.”

Sheridan’s José Fossi, VP of Client Services for PubFactory agrees: “Our work with NCTM occurred at a pivotal point in their organizational development. We are proud to contribute to their efforts to strengthen mathematics education globally by making their content more accessible, discoverable, and interactive. NCTM is a valued Sheridan PubFactory client.”

Sheridan PubFactory is the only industry service provider that can guide and support publishers at any point during the content development and publication process. The PubFactory platform and publishing services have been adopted by prestigious publishers like Oxford University Press, Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, American Society for Horticultural Science, and the Society for Endocrinology’s Bioscientifica Ltd. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 2,400+ journals, 300,000+ books, numerous databases, reference works and other scholarly content.


Feburary 17, 2020

CJK Group Receives Best Workplace and Safety Shield Awards in Best Workplace in the Americas Competition

CJK Group, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the Best Workplace and Safety Shield designation in the 2020 Best Workplace in the Americas (BWA) awards competition. The BWA awards, presented by Printing Industries of America (PIA), are awarded annually to only those companies meeting rigorous standards in human resources practices and that create the best environments for their employees.


For nearly 20 years, the Best Workplace in the Americas program has acted as an acknowledgment of printing industry excellence in human resources practices. A panel of printing-industry HR professionals evaluated applicants in three categories: Communications & Culture, Employee Resources & Benefits, and Safety & Work Environment. Companies that applied for a Safety Shield designation were evaluated based on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliance standards and best practices in environmental, health, and safety (EHS) areas.

“The receipt of these two awards marks the third year in a row that the companies of CJK Group have been honored with the Best Workplace award, and the second straight year for the Safety Shield designation.” stated Chris Kurtzman, CEO of CJK Group, Inc. “Being designated a BWA and Safety Shield company demonstrates the significant commitment that CJK Group continues to make to its employees by investing in them as well as in their work environment.”

“CJK Group is one of the premier companies in the printing industry for employee experiences,” said Adriane Harrison, vice president of Human Relations at PIA. “This award is a testament to their leadership in developing an ‘employer of choice’ culture.”

Michael F. Makin, president and CEO of PIA, agrees. “The Best Workplace in the Americas award winners stand among the most distinguished printing industry leaders by human resources standards. Congratulations to CJK Group for its outstanding achievement in human resources excellence.”


January 31, 2020

Akadémiai Kiadó grows their Open Access program and relaunches their 60+ journals on PubFactory

Hanover, PA—Akadémiai Kiadó has moved the whole of their AKJournals program—60+ peer-reviewed STM titles—onto Sheridan PubFactory’s online hosting platform as they pursue continued growth in Open Access and Open Science initiatives.

Founded in 1828 by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Akadémiai Kiadó (a Wolters Kluwer business) is Hungary’s oldest continuously operating publishing house and the most significant scientific publisher in Central and Eastern Europe. Akadémiai Kiadó publishes journals, conference series, online scientific content services, and online dictionaries.

Balázs Réffy, CEO, Akadémiai Kiadó said: “In 2019, we kicked off a series of Open Access (OA) initiatives including a two-year agreement with the Hungarian Academic Consortium (EISZ) that allows researchers affiliated with the Consortium to publish via our OA model without direct costs. Our new PubFactory-hosted platform modernizes our digital presence and is an essential part of our ongoing open initiatives.”

José Fossi, VP of Client Services for Sheridan PubFactory added: “We are proud to host Akadémiai Kiadó’s valuable content on our platform and to support them in their proactive contributions to the Open Access movement. Akadémiai Kiadó is admirable in its quest to find the best fit in business models, technologies, and partners for their organization. This is evident in the design of their new PubFactory platform, which makes access to relevant content more efficient by moving away from traditional journal containers and instead guiding users via topical navigation.”

Sheridan PubFactory can help and support publishers through any point in the content lifecycle. The PubFactory platform and Sheridan publishing services have been adopted by prestigious publishers like Oxford University Press, Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, American Society for Horticultural Science, and the Society for Endocrinology’s Bioscientifica Ltd. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 2,300+ journals, 400,000+ books, numerous databases, and reference works.


Has Paper Turned the Corner in 2020?
by CJK Group

It is no secret that the paper market has been downright volatile the past few years. From rising wood pulp costs and mill closures, to mills converting from the production of paper to packaging and specialty paper products, to the discontinuation or unavailability of certain brands, there have been many contributing factors to the paper market’s shakiness (see Sheridan’s previous blog post The Scarcity of Paper – Pulp (non) Fiction). So as we turn the corner and start a new decade, will the paper market turn a corner and become more stable?

“The future of the paper market is always hard to predict and can be influenced significantly by numerous factors. The supply and demand balance can swing quickly and dramatically,” comments Martin Sullivan, Director of Procurement for CJK Group, Inc.

Based on current trends and information received from CJK Group suppliers, 2020 is starting out stable. After hitting a 10‐year high last fall, “pulp prices have since declined due to high supplies, weak China export demand, and heated competition between domestic and offshore producers,” reports Midland Paper. “Mills have been taking machine downtime to try and balance supply with demand, rather than lowering program pricing.”

Mill closures seem to be subsiding and equipment conversions appear to be less attractive due to an overcapacity in the container board market. Midland Paper speculates, “Overall supply reduction should help stabilize the market to a degree, but even with planned conversions, the paper market is still facing demand pressure. Magazine ad pages and catalog circulation were both down compared to the previous year.” With 2020 being an election year, the production of new and backlist political titles are likely in the second half of the year and paper demand could spike. Further capacity reductions in 2020, paired with an increase in demand, could result in a demand greater than capacity and spark price increases.

The one thing that publishers can do is partner with a printer that has their best interests in mind and takes actions to minimize the impact of a negative market on its customers. “CJK Group maintains strong relationships with multiple mills and merchants,” remarks Sullivan. “Our strong buying history, credit, and trusted relationships position us to get the best possible rates, and we continually monitor our pricing against benchmark indices and market intelligence. Our relationships with multiple vendors also provide us an advantage toward maintaining a supply of paper when the market tightens.”

Regardless of the paper market, best practices that publishers can establish to help their projects flow smoothly include communicating paper needs and scheduling press runs early, requesting paper based on grade versus a specific brand, and looking to your printer to advise you of your best options.

For guidance on how to best navigate the paper market, and for help choosing the right paper for your project, the sales and customer service teams across the CJK Group companies stand ready to assist.

June 5, 2019

Akadémiai Kiadó partners with Sheridan PubFactory to host all of their journals

Hanover, PA—Akadémiai Kiadó is relaunching their AKJournals publishing program̶̶̶̶―60+ peer-reviewed STM titles―on Sheridan PubFactory’s online hosting platform.

Balázs Réffy, CEO, Akadémiai Kiadó said: “As the most prestigious STM publishing organization in Central and Eastern Europe, we are driven to invest in our scientific communities and in technologies that enable us to increase global discovery of our valuable research content. Relaunch of AKJournals on the PubFactory platform is a core part of our content growth strategy and researcher outreach initiatives over the course of the next 5 years.”

Sheridan’s José Fossi, VP of Client Services for PubFactory commented: “We are proud to leverage our PubFactory platform technology to support Akadémiai Kiadó’s promotion of international and Hungarian scientific research. Akadémiai Kiadó is exactly the kind of publishing partner that we work best with―mission-driven and committed to maximizing the capabilities of our PubFactory platform to achieve their vision.”

Sheridan PubFactory can guide and support publishers through any point in the content lifecycle. The PubFactory platform and publishing services have been adopted by prestigious publishers like OUP, Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, American Society for Horticultural Science, and the Society for Endocrinology’s Bioscientifica Ltd. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 2,300+ journals, 400,000+ books, numerous databases, and reference works.


May 10, 2019

CJK Group, Inc. Acquires Assets of Thomson-Shore

BRAINERD, Minn., May 10, 2019—CJK Group, Inc. announced today that it has closed on an agreement to acquire the assets of the Dexter, Michigan–based  book printer, Thomson-Shore, Inc.

Thomson-Shore filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 25, 2019 with the intent to sell its assets quickly under the guidance of the bankruptcy court as opposed to restructuring or liquidating the company. CJK Group CEO, Chris Kurtzman, stepped forward and offered debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing that allowed the company to continue operating throughout the bankruptcy process and ultimately positioned CJK Group as the preferred bidder for Thomson-Shore’s assets.
On April 29, 2019, with no other bidders coming forward, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Michigan awarded the assets of Thomson-Shore Inc. to CJK Group, Inc. With the acquisition of Thomson-Shore complete, this is the third Michigan-based printer acquired by CJK Group. Early in 2017, Sheridan Books, Inc. of Chelsea, MI was acquired as a part of the overall purchase of The Sheridan Group; more recently, in October 2018, the assets of Grand Rapids, MI printer Dickinson Press were secured from Blackford Capital. This latest asset acquisition further expands CJK Group’s book printing capabilities and capacity.

With three manufacturing sites with very similar capabilities located so close together, it is necessary to consolidate operations to achieve efficiencies that ensure the viability of the overall CJK Group organization. Going forward, the Thomson-Shore assets, employees, and facility will be aligned under the Sheridan brand. Most of the Dexter operations and equipment will be transferred to Sheridan’s Chelsea, MI facility, where a 25,000–square foot expansion begun last fall will help the consolidation efforts. Originally slated for warehouse and storage, the expansion in Chelsea is being converted to accommodate production operations, and ultimately the Dexter site will operate as a satellite warehouse for the Chelsea facility. The balance of equipment not relocating to Chelsea will move to Sheridan’s Grand Rapids, MI location or to CJK Group’s Bang Printing facility in Brainerd, MN.
Chris Kurtzman states, “This is a challenging time for our industry. The addition of the Thomson-Shore equipment and the experienced employees to run it will help create capacity within our organization, and ultimately put the companies of CJK Group in a better position to help book publishers produce quality materials in a timely manner.”


October 5, 2018

CJK Group, Inc. Expands Capabilities by Acquiring Assets of Dickinson Press and Kingsport Book

BRAINERD, MN - October 5, 2018—CJK Group, Inc. announced today that it has closed an agreement to acquire the assets of Dickinson Press, LLC and Kingsport Book, LLC. The acquisition will bring added capabilities to the entire CJK portfolio of companies. From an organizational standpoint, the assets of each company will flow under CJK Group company Sheridan, and the sites will operate as Sheridan Publishing Grand Rapids and Sheridan Specialty Binding, respectively. 

Sheridan Publishing Grand Rapids, located in Grand Rapids, MI, features a wide variety of printing services including lithographic and digital printing, perfect and case binding, as well as warehousing, and fulfillment services. These capabilities nicely complement Sheridan’s existing book printing operation based in nearby Chelsea, MI. Sheridan Publishing Grand Rapids’ ability to print on thin, lightweight paper will allow CJK Group and Sheridan to establish a greater presence in the religious printing niche.

The Sheridan Specialty Binding location in Church Hill, TN adds high-end book finishing and fulfillment capabilities to the CJK portfolio. The equipment platform produces deluxe trade and soft cover books with extra touches including edge staining or gilding, tabs and ribbons, as well as embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and spine hubbing. Located along the I-81 corridor, Sheridan Specialty Binding also includes a rapidly growing fulfillment and book distribution division.  

CEO of CJK Group Chris Kurtzman states, “We are very excited about this transaction. The addition of lightweight paper printing capabilities at Sheridan Publishing Grand Rapids combined with the specialty finishing at Sheridan Specialty Binding expands the service offerings within our portfolio of companies and for CJK Group customers.”


September 2018

Sheridan Increases its Digital and Inkjet Print Capabilities with the Addition of Two HP Presses

Hanover, PA—Sheridan, a CJK Group company, is adding two new HP presses to its Pennsylvania print facility production floor: an HP PageWide T240HD Color Print Inkjet system equipped with a Duplex Primer system and a Magnum InLine FlexBook Finisher, and an HP Indigo 12000 B2-format digital press.

These important additions address the growing demand to support the life cycle of books, whether it be with longer-run first printings, reduced print runs, or auto-stock replenishment (ASR) and zero-inventory programs.

The T240HD inkjet press, the second such press at the Pennsylvania site, will significantly increase capacity and the ability to meet the requirements and high demand of the growing POD book market. The Magnum FlexBook system will facilitate the production of high quality fused book blocks. The Indigo 12000 B2 digital press is an upgrade for the facility. The 12000 will print covers and casecovers for both books and journals, and as a result of its increased sheet size capability, it will print larger spine bulks than were previously accommodated. It will effectively double cover capacity and output.

Installation of all new systems will be complete in the fall.
With these technologically advanced, high-production additions, Sheridan continues to demonstrate its commitment to book and journal customers requiring ultra short run capabilities. What began in 2003 with the acquisition of one digital Kodak press has, with this and previous expansions, grown into a digital print production department of seven digital presses, six of which have attached finishers. In addition to Sheridan’s growing digital footprint, the PA facility also produces a significant body of offset and web work for journal and book publishers.

Sheridan Vice President of Operations Paul Loy commented on what the equipment expansion means to Sheridan: “Our customers’ needs continue to guide our decisions, and this expansion in our digital department is no exception. We are thrilled to add these powerful HP units and the Magnum finisher to our production floor. The additional output will allow us to not only meet current customer expectations, but take on more work, specifically in terms of complete POD book programs.”


August 14, 2018

Webcrafters Adds New Goss Sunday 3000 Web Offset Press, Strengthening Service
Offering to the Educational Publishing Community

CJK Group continues to invest in the Madison, Wisconsin printer

BRAINERD, Minn., August 14, 2018 —CJK Group, Inc. announced today that it has purchased a 72”-wide Goss Sunday 3000 web offset press for its Webcrafters, Inc. business unit based in Madison, Wisconsin.

The new press features Goss gapless technology for optimum paper savings and is configured with both PFF and combination folders. Additionally, the OmniX system workflow offers presetting capabilities allowing for quick make-ready and consistent quality during the run. The new press is scheduled to arrive in Madison early in the fourth quarter of 2018.

In addition to the Sunday 3000, Webcrafters has acquired, and is in the process of installing, a new EFI enterprise resource planning system, a 10-color sheetfed press, a near line UV coater, a high-capacity collator with integrated high-die, and a juvenile hardcover line. These capital investments are testament to CJK’s promise when it acquired Webcrafters to transform the Madison-based company into a best-in-class printer well positioned for future growth.

CJK Group, Inc.’s CEO, Chris Kurtzman, states: “We’ve been very pleased with the performance of Webcrafters since the acquisition last November. The entire Webcrafters team has embraced significant change while maintaining strong operational execution with an unwavering commitment to providing best-in-class service to clients.” Mr. Kurtzman goes on to say: “along with the significant retooling taking place in Madison, the Webcrafters platform of offset and digital print, combined with one of the largest specialty finishing operations in the U.S., is well positioned to consistently deliver value to an expanding customer base.” 


July 2, 2017

CJK Group Names Todd Vanek President of Minnesota-based Companies: Bang Printing and Sentinel Printing

BRAINERD, Minn. – July 2, 2018 – CJK Group, a national portfolio of print and publishing-related services, announced today the appointment of Todd Vanek as President of Bang Printing and Sentinel Printing companies. Most recently, Mr. Vanek served as Executive Vice President of Sales overseeing the sales and customer service activities for the two companies.

In his new role, Mr. Vanek will direct the ongoing operations of both locations. Bang and Sentinel are both sales growth–oriented organizations, so his primary focus will be to examine existing processes, identify opportunities for improvement, and then implement any changes necessary to support the projected growth of these organizations.

Doug Walter, Vice President of Sales for Sentinel Printing, will assume the responsibilities for sales at Bang Printing in addition to his responsibilities at Sentinel.

“Todd is a dynamic leader in our organization. His deep knowledge of the printing industry, strategic thinking capabilities, and outstanding relationship skills will be assets to him in this new role,” said Chris Kurtzman, CEO of CJK Group, Inc. “As we look to the future, and consider additional acquisitions, we want to make sure we are in the best position to embrace the growth of our individual companies which, ultimately, will help propel the overall growth of CJK Group.”

Todd is a graduate of the University of Minnesota-Morris. He joined Bang Printing in 1997 and held several roles in customer service and sales before being promoted to Vice President of Sales in 2000. He has been intricately involved in the acquisitions made by the CJK Group and will remain a member of CJK’s executive leadership team.



October 2, 2017

CJK Group, Inc. enters into a definitive agreement to acquire Webcrafters
Acquisition Further Strengthens Products & Services Offerings to the Educational Publishing Community

CJK Group announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the assets of Webcrafters, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin.

Webcrafters is a leading supplier to the educational publishing and catalog markets and has about 270 employees.   The company  provides  conventional off-set printing, digital printing, a wide variety of bindery and finishing services and fulfillment and distribution.  Webcrafters has called Madison home for over 150 years.

Jac Garner, Webcrafters, Inc. CEO: “Becoming part of the CJK Group – a large and diverse array of companies -   is a big step forward for Webcrafters.  The CJK Group has the right vision for making certain that Webcrafters has a durable and future-oriented strategy to continue as a key player in the marketplace and do that right here in the Madison area.   Both the ownership (the Frautschi family) and executive leadership see today as a great next chapter for Webcrafters.”

The CJK Group, Inc.’s CEO, Chris Kurtzman, states “We are very excited about this transaction as it strengthens our ability to serve the educational publishing and book communities. Webcrafters is well known in the marketplace for its family values and exemplary service, making it a perfect fit within the CJK family of companies. With its significant platform of digital print and specialty finishing, Webcrafters along with CJK’s national portfolio of publishing, print and related services businesses, are well positioned to deliver value to an expanding customer base.  


September 21, 2017

Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG) Selects Sheridan PubFactory to Host Journals

Hunt Valley, MD — Beginning in Fall 2018, all Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG) journals will launch on PubFactory with a refreshed design and increased platform controls, enabling JNSPG to continuously improve reader experience.

JNSPG is the nonprofit publication arm of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. Since 1944, the Journal of Neurosurgery—JNSPG’s flagship journal—has been recognized worldwide for its authoritative research articles and high-quality presentation of scientific and medical advances. In addition, it is among the top five most highly cited journals in the discipline, with a 2016 impact factor of 4.059.

In selecting PubFactory to host its journals, JNSPG will benefit from a continuous delivery approach to development that has allowed rapid enhancements to the platform over the last two years and increased flexibility to adapt as publishers’ business needs change. PubFactory’s outstanding customer support and full-service account management, coupled with continuous enhancements to an already dynamic platform, made them the logical choice for JNSPG.

Gillian Shasby, Director of Publications at JNSPG, commented on the collaboration: “We are excited to move our journals onto to the PubFactory platform and to work with the Sheridan PubFactory team. JNSPG has a long-standing relationship with Sheridan, and we’re thrilled to be able to extend that relationship to include content hosting.”

Sheridan’s José Fossi, Vice President of Client Services for PubFactory, added, “The intensely thorough approach with which their publications team sought out the right hosting partner was impressive.

We all look forward to working with JNSPG to map out a platform deployment that fully supports their members as well as their future publications initiatives.”

The PubFactory team has been developing and delivering scholarly publishing technologies since 1999 and has been adopted by innovative publishers such as Oxford University Press, DeGruyter, Brill, and the International Monetary Fund. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 1,400+ journals and 400,000+ books along with reference works, databases, and other content types, making it the only truly content-agnostic platform and service provider in scholarly publishing.


September 19, 2017

Bioscientifica Partners with Sheridan PubFactory to Host its Journals and Medical Database Content
Bioscientifica’s partnership with PubFactory will enable heightened service to society partners and rapid publication growth over the next 5 years.

Hunt Valley, MD—Sheridan PubFactory and Bioscientifica Limited are delighted to announce a new partnership which will see all titles published by Bioscientifica hosted on the PubFactory platform beginning in Summer 2018.

Ian Russell, Managing Director of Bioscientifica shared, “From the outset of our discussions, the PubFactory team ensured that they fully understood Bioscientifica’s short-term and long-term strategic priorities, and offered creative solutions that will enable us to grow our publishing portfolio using a transparent pricing model that makes operational planning predictable.”

Sheridan’s José Fossi, VP of Client Services for PubFactory, said “This is an exciting and mutually beneficial partnership for Bioscientifica and PubFactory. We understand that Bioscientifica is at a transformative point in developing their publishing portfolio, and we embrace the challenge of leveraging PubFactory to deliver on their ambitious goals. Beyond enabling Bioscientifica to bring all of their journals and medical database content onto a single hosted platform, PubFactory will also provide significant value to their societies by allowing for greater flexibility in responding to user feedback, and promoting society brands.”

The PubFactory team has been developing and delivering scholarly publishing technologies since 1999. The PubFactory platform has been adopted by a diverse and prestigious group of publishers including OUP, Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group, DeGruyter, Brill, and the IMF. Today, the PubFactory platform is host to 1,400+ journals and 400,000+ books along with reference works, databases, and other content types making it the only truly content agnostic platform and service provider in scholarly publishing.


July 27, 2017

Sheridan PubFactory Partners with ReadCube to Support ReadCube Sharing
ReadCube will bring new sharing and discoverability features to Sheridan PubFactory

Hunt Valley, MD—Today, Sheridan PubFactory announced a collaboration with technology company, ReadCube. Host to scholarly content since 1999 and provider of the only truly content agnostic platform, PubFactory will support the use of ReadCube Sharing services for publications hosted on their online platform.

ReadCube Sharing will provide Sheridan PubFactory publishers, and subsequently their authors and subscribers, a simple channel for promoting and amplifying published work in a secure read-only format to non-subscribers. Participating publishers can design their own unique rights-managed content sharing policies that best align with their organization’s goals. Past partners have documented countless benefits from participating in this program, including seamless ways for their authors to amplify their work, improved reader engagement, increased readership, and new ways to drive marketing and PR campaigns.

Participating publishers will also benefit from enhanced discoverability and article viewing enhancements through ReadCube’s popular web, desktop, and mobile reference management tools. Features include annotation tools, hyperlinked in-line citations, instant access to valuable supplemental materials, clickable author names, a high-resolution figure browser, and article metrics.

José Fossi, Sheridan VP of Client Services affirms, “In partnering with ReadCube, we are continuing to grow our user engagement services for publishers, bringing them closer to their researcher base. This is an exciting time to add ReadCube as a partner, as we launch hundreds of new journals and thousands of new books on Sheridan PubFactory this fall.”

Robert McGrath, CEO of ReadCube said, “We are thrilled to be working with Sheridan PubFactory to support new channels for their publishers to connect with readers and authors. Together, we will continue to improve and simplify the way researchers discover, engage, and collaborate with scholarly literature.”


May 30, 2017

Sheridan Acquires PubFactory Hosting Platform from O’Reilly Media

Hunt Valley, MD—Announced today, Sheridan has acquired PubFactory, the industry-lauded online publishing platform for journals, books, and reference works, from O’Reilly Media. PubFactory will continue to be based out of Boston, MA, and will blend seamlessly into the Sheridan stable of publisher technology products and services.

The PubFactory team has been developing and delivering scholarly publishing technologies since 1999. In 2010, the PubFactory platform officially launched with the deployment of several major Oxford University Press products. This was quickly followed by the International Monetary Fund’s eLibrary and De Gruyter’s journals, books, and database products launching in 2011. Notable publishers including Bloomsbury Publishing, Brill, Edward Elgar Publishing, Harvard University Press, Peter Lang, and others have since joined the growing list of PubFactory customers. PubFactory’s configurable suite of front-end and back-end capabilities allows for optimal support across content types, making it a truly content agnostic platform that is host to 1400+ journals, 400,000+ books, and numerous database and reference work products.

“We are delighted to offer our journal and book publishers this proven and comprehensive hosting and publishing platform,” said Gary Kittredge, Managing Director of Sheridan Journal Services. “PubFactory will propel Sheridan into a new level of engagement with our customers as we extend our range of services from high-touch editorial production and print solutions to hosting our customers’ content – a complete package.”

José Fossi, VP of Client Services, PubFactory, added, “I’m ecstatic for PubFactory to become a primary part of Sheridan’s business and to embrace the many opportunities our integration will offer both teams. The richness of the synergies between our two groups is quite astonishing. It's hard to think of a better partner - we complete each other's offering and share customer centric cultural values.”


May 17, 2017

Sheridan’s eCommerce Platform Brings Efficiency and New Ordering
Options to International Critical Incident Stress Foundation’s
Instructors, Members, and Administration

Chelsea, MI—Ellicott City, Maryland based International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF) selected Sheridan to establish a direct‐to‐consumer eCommerce site that would simplify the sales of printed materials and make training materials available in eBook form. With the semi‐annual World Congress meeting fast approaching, ICISF determined it was the perfect time to introduce this new solution to its membership.

Absent an existing eCommerce site, ICISF had been manually accepting and fulfilling print orders for their training manuals. They needed a solution that would make print and eBooks available for purchase online. An eCommerce solution such as Sheridan’s would grant their instructors and members more purchasing options while also alleviating the time and resources spent by ICISF internal staff on fulfilling
orders. Using the Sheridan Connect platform as the groundwork, Sheridan built a direct‐to‐consumer eCommerce site to match the design and branding of ICISF’s current website. Through this eCommerce site and the use of Sheridan’s print and conversion services, ICISF is now able to offer print and eBook purchase options to its members and plans to offer discounted bundles that contain content in both formats.

Under the simple label of “eBook,” ICISF grants all eBook purchasers access to eBook bundles containing ePub, MobiPocket, and eBook PDF file versions, which simplifies the consumer’s selection process and allows them to read content on any device. They are the first Sheridan customer to offer eBooks in this manner. ICISF is also taking advantage of Sheridan Connect’s unique bulk sales of eBooks capability. In the education and training field, the ability to easily purchase bulk eBook titles has been a barrier for educators. Sheridan Connect solves that problem by allowing an instructor or administrator to download access codes for the eBook after the bulk purchase is concluded. Students simply visit the ICISF
eCommerce site to download the eBook using the provided code.

“The eCommerce site is simple to navigate and user friendly for our customers and for our staff,” comments Thordis Boron, Approved Instructor Support Department at ICISF.

Orders placed through the site for printed materials will be fulfilled from the ICIFS warehouse using realtime order information. As inventory levels are depleted, titles will be transitioned to Sheridan’s warehouse or will be fulfilled by Sheridan’s print‐on‐demand service—both of which offer fully automated order processing and fulfillment.

“Sheridan has gone above and beyond to help ICISF transfer to a long overdue automated online order fulfillment system,” states Boron. “Sheridan has been ICISF’s trusted partner for over a decade and once again exceeded our expectations.”

“As the long‐time sole source printer for ICISF for their manuals, we are familiar with the importance of the availability of the content that ICISF produces,” remarked Brian Nordyke, Sheridan eCommerce Manager. “We are proud to help them expand their product offerings to include eBooks and print‐ondemand materials, as well as providing their members an easy‐to‐use eCommerce site for their purchases.”


April 3, 2017

CJK Group, Inc. acquires The Sheridan Group
Acquisition Further Strengthens Products & Services Offerings

BRAINERD, Minn. (BUSINESS WIRE)- April 3, 2017—CJK Group announced today that it has acquired The Sheridan Group headquartered in Hunt Valley, MD, including its operating divisions in Chelsea, MI, Hanover, PA, Waterbury, VT, and Hanover, NH.

The Sheridan Group is a leading provider of print, publishing services and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. Sheridan’s continuum of publishing services helps customers meet their content preparation, enhancement, and delivery needs.

Sheridan is immersed in making the world of publishing easier for clients to navigate; from unrivaled editorial, copyediting services,
and world class printing to content distribution via mobile platforms or eCommerce solutions.

CJK Group, Inc.’s CEO, Chris Kurtzman, states “We are very excited about the transaction and its transformational effect on our organizations. Strategically, the combined platform is well positioned to provide our clients with an array of unique products, services and solutions. We’re equally excited to add Pat Stricker, Gary Kittredge, Paul Bozuwa, Dale Tepp, and Andrew Fawcett to our industry leading management team.
The combined entity with its national footprint will be one of the most diverse, technologically advanced, and customer centric providers in the space”, Kurtzman added.